Best Small Cap Mutual Funds to Invest in India

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Investing in small cap mutual funds can be a lucrative way to achieve high returns, albeit with higher risks. Small cap funds invest in companies with smaller market capitalization, typically under Rs. 5,000 crores. These companies have the potential for significant growth but also come with higher volatility. Here, we delve into some of the best small cap mutual funds in India that investors can consider for 2024.

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1. Axis Small Cap Fund

Fund Overview: Axis Small Cap Fund has consistently outperformed its peers and the benchmark index. The fund’s strategy of picking quality stocks with strong growth potential has worked well.


  • 1-Year Return: 28.67%
  • 3-Year Return: 31.45% (CAGR)
  • 5-Year Return: 22.17% (CAGR)

Why Invest: The fund focuses on companies with robust business models and competitive advantages, ensuring long-term growth.

2. SBI Small Cap Fund

Fund Overview: SBI Smallcap Fund has shown excellent performance over the years. The fund managers adopt a bottom-up approach to stock selection, focusing on companies with good growth potential.


  • 1-Year Return: 27.85%
  • 3-Year Return: 33.21% (CAGR)
  • 5-Year Return: 24.14% (CAGR)

Why Invest: SBI Small Cap Fund has a well-diversified portfolio, reducing risk and ensuring steady performance even in volatile market conditions.

3. Nippon India Small Cap Mutual Fund

Fund Overview: Nippon India Small Fund is known for its aggressive investment strategy, aiming for high returns by investing in high-growth potential small cap companies.


  • 1-Year Return: 25.69%
  • 3-Year Return: 29.54% (CAGR)
  • 5-Year Return: 21.63% (CAGR)

Why Invest: The fund has a proven track record of delivering superior returns and has a well-diversified portfolio across various sectors.

4. HDFC Small Cap Fund

Fund Overview: HDFC Small Fund focuses on identifying companies with strong fundamentals and potential for significant growth. The fund has a balanced approach towards investment, reducing risk.


  • 1-Year Return: 24.88%
  • 3-Year Return: 30.12% (CAGR)
  • 5-Year Return: 20.35% (CAGR)

Why Invest: HDFC Small Cap Fund has a stable and experienced management team, ensuring consistent performance over the years.

5. Kotak Small Cap Fund

Fund Overview: Kotak Small Cap Fund is known for its prudent investment strategy, focusing on companies with strong management and good growth prospects.


  • 1-Year Return: 26.34%
  • 3-Year Return: 28.94% (CAGR)
  • 5-Year Return: 22.68% (CAGR)

Why Invest: The fund’s focus on quality stocks with potential for high growth makes it a suitable option for long-term investors.

Factors to Consider Before Investing

  1. Risk Appetite: Small cap funds are inherently risky. Investors should assess their risk tolerance before investing.
  2. Investment Horizon: These funds are ideal for long-term investments, typically 5 years or more, to ride out market volatility.
  3. Fund Performance: Historical performance can give insights into the fund’s consistency, but it is not a guarantee of future returns.
  4. Expense Ratio: Lower expense ratios can significantly impact net returns over the long term.
  5. Fund Manager’s Expertise: The experience and track record of the fund manager play a crucial role in the fund’s performance.


Small cap funds can be a valuable addition to an investor’s portfolio, offering the potential for high returns. However, they come with higher risks and require a longer investment horizon to mitigate volatility. The funds mentioned above have shown consistent performance and are managed by experienced professionals, making them worthy of consideration for investors looking to tap into the growth potential of small cap stocks in India. Always conduct thorough research or consult a financial advisor before making investment decisions.